Monday, 14 March 2016

Kanhaiya—not an individual—An turning point.

Kanhaiya—not an individual—An turning point.
Is the suspected- investigation of the Cancer. Now already has been confirmed into the confirmed medical report.
It is when a disease—sets its roots,spreads its branches---symptoms are there—but we just give solace to ourselves—out of our own weakness of protecting our wasted interest mere for a year—for two years—or at the most ,for a term (of five years )in this political scenario—of ups and downs.
No,it can’t---is it,it—just it is this—no,it is in the genes of mother or may be in father’s genes---a genetic history--??
Social structure,loosning it’s grips on the chains of morality---?
Education system---collapsing—though we are forgetting—what is education—is it—demanding freedom sitting on the top of slogans—without realising—freedom has its price too??
Jobs are not being created—who will--??
We  are, in habit of relishing upon the tabled dinner,for decades---.
We are hard-habitual of throwing stones of accusation on the row –in the opposite row—for decades---.No matter—we are there?
Now—when the ugliest and most disfigured state of the epidemic—the cancer in thousands—is there on the details of the clinical report page—no need of open eyes,open ears—it is in the very air we breathe in and survive on---and the ailment is lying on the operation table—doctors are there with gloved hands ,holding their intelligence and for-sightedness--.
What is the Moral Ethics of Medical Science??
Should it be left—with a mere cut—hoping -will cure itself—or die-- with time?
Should it be—covered with a heaps of gauge—so that it is not visible—not able to break our nerves ---??
Should it be cut out in total—hard handedly—but with care and affection—because we are dealing with the diseased part of the body not the whole of the body.
The body is the valuable unit of the country—that  is our Nation—a pride to be lived—to be honoured.
Jai Bharat—proud of being an Indian.

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