Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Combo Plan Of The Existence


The Combo Plan Of The Existence
Desires and longings
Wishes and prayers
Conscious and Intentions
Are the waves—
On the current of the Time and Space.
Created Karmas-
Sow the seed of Karmas-
Pushes and pulls are ways of the Existence-
Existence works with-law of physics--Vow!! 
Give us—two choices—always,
Meant to pick one-at a time,
Otherwise we know-we fall down??
An echo, ever-ever is there--
Some times,-audible faintly-but
Most of the times—it is,
So,never be in despair.
Accept His Plan with gratitude.
He is the best Planner and,
The best—Judge-
He never fails to deliver our dues.
Good or bad???
Love you all-so much.

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